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We are offering you the unique opportunity to become a part of the Dr. Fright's family and  join our exclusive ROUTE 666 Scare Team for 2023.

Fancy getting kitted out in a monstrous get up, lurking in the shadows and terrifying our unsuspecting guests? We provide all costume and make up, which can be applied by our award winning make up artists. Plus, you need no previous acting experience to take part!

To apply simply send us an email to with the subject header 'Scare Actor Application'.

Simply tell us -

1. Your gender.
2. Your age.
3. Your contact telephone number.
4. Why you think you would make a good scarer.

Please also attach a photo of yourself. It is not compulsory but could help your chances.


All applicants must be at least 16 years of age. We cannot accept applicants still enrolling in compulsory school up to and including year 11 (even if you are already 16 years of age).

All positions are voluntary. You will receive no payment. Therefore, we recommend against sacrificing any paid work to take part. Our positions are designed to be a fun and enjoyable experience. Aimed at anyone who has some free time over the Halloween period. If you are accepted and at any point, for any reason, you feel that you are not enjoying yourself, or that your participation is taking on the role of work, then you are under no obligation to continue. In other words if the fun stops, you can stop, no problem!

However, as our cast members that return year after year will tell you, scaring people is one hell of a good time! Whether you like making new friends or simply looking for an escape from the day to day. Being a part of Dr. Fright's scare team is an exciting experience that you will never forget. Free food and drink is available each night. You will also receive 2 free tickets, that you can hand out to friends or family.

All applicants must be available for at least 9 of the 15 nights of operation (the more you can attend, the better your chances of being accepted). You must be able to arrive for costume and make up by 6:00 PM and expect to leave no earlier than 10:30 PM.

You will also be required to attend an induction night which will run for a couple of hours. This will be held a few nights prior to our opening night, located at the event venue. It will involve a tour of the attractions, safety information and you will recieve an 'actor's pack' for reference. Full details will be provided if you are successful.

Thats it! We look forward to hearing from you. And best of luck!
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