SCARE MAZES - Dr Frights Halloween Nights

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The info on this website was for our award winning 2019 event. We will be back in 2021 with an all new line up of  terrifying scare mazes.
The Killer Clowns are back! And for our 10th year these deranged circus rejects have gone intergalactic! Prepare for adrenaline pumping, cosmic clown insanity. Because this maze will be out of this world . . . Literally!
Take a harrowing journey through the dense, dark woods that surround St. Agatha's Boarding School. Discover the terrifying presence that is possessing the nuns and students. But beware . . . the evil that lurks here will stop at nothing to devour your soul!
There's moonshine and carnage galore in this special 10 year edition of 'The Grindhouse'. Encounter murderous, chainsaw wielding hillbillies like never before, as you venture through an old abandoned mining town. The west was never as wild as this!
Our fan favourite returns! Step inside the movies and come face to face with horror's most feared creations!  This 10th year 'Directors Cut' will provide new twists on some of the best scenes from previous 'Hollwood Horror' mazes. Along with terrifying new additions!
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